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To love...

And to be loved...

The LiveJournal Dating Community.
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Bringing Single People Together To Make Couples
Hi and Welcome!

This community was inspired by the various of social network dating websites that are around, but unlike these websites you get to learn about other people not just through their profiles they post, but also through their journals. With facebook, twitter, tumblr, etc you have a very limited platform in sharing in your highs and lows in life, from statuses you only get a glimpse, in journals you get scenic views.

This community is available to everyone around the country, but because this community is moderated by a person who only speaks English, posts will only be accepted in English.

A few guidelines/rules

- No multiple posting.
- No adult content, please leave that to private messaging
- Disrespectful or offensive content will not be accepted.
- No cold adding people, to show your interest leave a comment on their post in this community.
- Please include tagging to make searching easier for other members to find you and like minded people.
- But most important rule: HAVE FUN :D

When posting please include:
your first name
brief location of where you reside
what type of relationship you're looking for (short term dating, long term dating, long term relationship, casual non-committed dating, etc)
About you
Your interests
What you look for in a person you want to date
And Lastly a photo of yourself.

Please recommend this community to others who you think will benefit from it and would find it enjoyable, the more the merrier, the more the better it becomes ;D